Clauds Mangalore Masala 2 | Konkani Baila Songs

Clauds Mangalore Masala 2 is a konkani baila Album containing konkani baila songs, produced by Claud D’Souza. Claud has been a consistent performer in the Konkani music world and has been travelling around the Gulf region for his own shows besides accompanying Konkani legend Wilfy Rebimbus for Wilfy Nite.

Produced By: Claud D’Souza.

Claud also travelled to Canada early last year for a show. He has staged many shows in Mumbai, Mangalore, Goa, and elsewhere.

Clauds Mangalore Masala 2 | Konkani Baila Songs | Claud D'SouzaClauds Mangalore Masala 2 | Konkani Baila Songs | Claud D'SouzaClauds Mangalore Masala 2 | Konkani Baila Songs | Claud D'Souza
Clauds Mangalore Masala 2 | Konkani Baila Songs | Claud D’Souza

With 46 musical ‘nites’ dedicated to Konkani music fans, Claud is not only an outstanding singer but can also play musical instruments like the drums. He is a compere par excellence and has been a very good actor-director of Konkani stage shows.

He made his first appearance in Wilfy Rebimbus’ shows from the 75th Wilfy Nite and has been an integral part of the troupe since. Claud has written, directed, and acted in over 30 Konkani stage plays. His sound and religious plays have brought him laurels. Fifty-one-year-old multi-talented Claud has won several honours and awards of which ‘Sandesha Award’ and Karnataka Sahitya Academy are notable.

More about Claud D’Souza

The latest gift to Konkani music lovers worldwide are the two albums by ‘Konkan Kalashree’ and Sandesha award winner Claud D’Souza. A man who has dedicated his life to Konkani music, Claud has come up with the two albums ‘Roce ‘N’ Brass’ (Vol 14) and ‘Claudia’ (Vol 15), which are wholly different from other conventional audio albums.

Claud D’Souza, a noted Konkani music composer-singer who was away from limelight for the last few years is now back with a series of musical nites. In the run-up to his 50th musical nite to be held soon in Mangaluru early next year, he has currently announced six musical nites in Mumbai.

Konkani Kala Manch Mumbai is scheduled to present a series of 6 ‘Konkan Kalasri’ Claud D’Souza’s ‘Claud Nites’ in Mumbai from November 11 to 15. Claud, who is not only an ace music composer but a versatile actor, director and compere all rolled into one, is also expected to bring out his latest music album early next year.

Bayila (also known as baila, from the Portuguese verb bailar, meaning to dance[1]) is a form of music, popular in Sri Lanka.[a] The genre originated centuries ago among the ‘Sri Lankan Kaffirs’ or Afro-Sri Lankan communities (mixed communities of Portuguese, African and native Tamil and Sinhalese people). It utilises primarily European instruments and rhythms found in Iberia, Sri Lanka, Africa and India. Bayila songs are played during parties and weddings in Sri Lanka and Goa, accompanied by dancing.

Bayila music, as a form of folk art, has been popular for centuries in Sri Lanka. During the early 1960s, it entered into Sri Lanka’s mainstream culture, primarily through the work of police officer turned singer Wally Bastian. He began adapting the 6/8 ‘kaffirhina’ rhythms to accommodate Sinhala lyrics. By the 1970s musicians, including MS Fernando and Maxwell Mendis, had helped Bayila grow into a well known and respected style of Sri Lankan popular music. It is primarily considered dance music.


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