Will Take Steven Smith’s Statement At Face Value: Steve Waugh http://blog.konkanitube.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/1488974518_will-take-steven-smiths-statement-at-face-value-steve-waugh.jpg

Steve Waugh. (Getty Images)Steve Waugh. (Getty Images)

Steve Waugh. (Getty Images)

New Delhi: A “brain fade” moment led to Steven Smith seeking dressing advice for a DRS referral in the second Test against India and his word should be taken at face value, feels former Australia captain Steve Waugh.

“It was a fantastic Test match. It’s a shame we are focussing on one incident. I would go with what Steve has said. I would take him on face value. The best part was umpires stepped in and stopped at then and there. Looking back Smith will be embarrassed and must have learnt a lesson,” Waugh told mediapersons at a promotional event on Wednesday.

However he wants ICC to intervene and bring finality to the issue.

“Someone from ICC needs to look into the matter and bring it to a finality. Look we need to move on. Probably he would be cautioned. It was a high intensity game,” said Waugh.