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Many wonder, why the fuss over women and their indulgences? Why is there a concept like an International Women’s Day on the 8th of March? Do women really need all the pampering and do these special concepts work in restaurants and spas for women? In the run up to International Women’s Day, Bakstage, a restaurant cum pub in Salt Lake in Kolkata dedicated an entire Sunday to pamper women with do it yourself cocktails, indulgence in retail therapy with bags and Indo western apparel to choose from and even a shoulder or back massage to sit back and relax. A touch of Kolkata’s street food was on offer with puchka shots and muri served from a cycle cart.

To add mystic there was also an astrologer with a parrot to predict the future. If the astrologer wasn’t someone the ladies believed in, the fashion blogger and stylist was available to give out some style tips. The evening was dedicated to more woman power with some Bollywood ‘Tamasha’ as ladies danced to actress Kangana Raunat’s songs. Bakstage owner Sudhir Ahuja said, “While we have both men and women as customers, we decided to have a women’s day special where it is about pampering the women and the feel good factor that comes with spending a day out with their group of girls. We wanted women to indulge and make them walk away feeling relaxed at the end of the weekend with a day that was just about them.”

A restaurant cum pub in Salt Lake in Kolkata dedicated an entire Sunday to pamper women with do it yourself cocktails (Photos: Prema Rajaram)A restaurant cum pub in Salt Lake in Kolkata dedicated an entire Sunday to pamper women with do it yourself cocktails (Photos: Prema Rajaram) A restaurant cum pub in Salt Lake in Kolkata dedicated an entire Sunday to pamper women with do it yourself cocktails (Photos: Prema Rajaram)

Telecom professional Tanuja Chowdhury, was one of those who walked into Bakstage with her six girl pals. Apart from indulging in some retail therapy and dancing to actress Kangana Ranaut’s movie tracks, the atmosphere created a mood for conversation on women’s empowerment with her gang which ranged from women in the age group of 25 to 40 years of age.

For corporate women like Tanuja with strict discipline at the workplace, there is another avatar to unleash-her fun side which is unlike the mechanical routine of bringing up her son at home and balancing work too. “I like coming here as it is innovative in thought and I watch out for finer details too like the menu. We enjoyed going about the stalls and grabbing some Kolkata style puchka shots too.” says Tanuja.

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While they appear to be successful women with all the money to spend, pampering themselves is not just about International Women’s Day. It is about balancing various aspects of their life and finding ‘me’ time, sometimes with their girl gang or sometimes even alone.

It goes beyond spending power. It is about the feel good factor they take away. It is simply about breaking the monotony, more so for those who are married with children and have to be sensitive to their in laws too.

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36 year old Rajalakshmi Mohta who manages her husbands FMCG business, says it is a balancing act while catering to all facets of her life. While she is blessed with good in laws, for her it is more about me time. “I am a person who needs space to myself. I spend time at work, home, with my son, socialize with my friends too. But sometimes I like going to a restaurant alone or watching a movie on my own. I also go in for a spa every fortnight.” Says Rajlakshmi.


While playing the balancing act, the monotony of life also sets in. Most often there are certain responsibilities to fulfill and their families’ expectations women have to meet. Performing at the workplace adds a sense of stress sometimes that occasionally warrants quality alone time. Rajlakshmi also hopes to join the pan India ‘Women on Wanderlust’ or WOW club which has all women holiday packages to exotic locations. The WOW club has a Women’s Day special vacation to the Maldives which is a welcome break from mundane life.

Lomasi, a skin boutique in Kolkata is offering special packages to pamper women on the 8th of March, the perfect way to retain their clients.

There are restaurants offering delectable food and a relaxing ambience, skin clinics offering special discounts and spas welcoming women to walk in and pamper themselves. Beyond the business of it all, the working woman often looks to just spend some time away from responsibilities she shoulders and walk into a world where she can spend time on her own to reinforce the beauty of being the person she is.

First Published: March 8, 2017, 8:03 AM IST