This Woman Had A Breakup! When She Met Him After Long, Here’s How She Expressed Her Feelings

On this International Women’s Day, we present you a beautiful video from Indian Pariah Pictures by Neshu Saluja entitled “Tum” starring Priyanka Pulekar.

It celebrates the spirit of a woman, who is strong yet innocent, bold yet pure, loving yet forgiving. The protagonist of this video is an established writer and has experienced a lot at a very young age. She was deeply in love with a man and later had a breakup.

A heartbroken person usually becomes a novelist or poet and the same was the case with her; she also became a novelist and when she finally got a chance to meet her love, she expressed her feelings in such an emotional way that your eyes would get teary if you ever fell in love with someone! It’s truly a moving and unforgettable moment!

Watch The Video:

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What a brilliant poem! All the heartbroken people can actually relate to it, can’t they? How did you find it? Share your views in the comments section below.

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