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(Image Courtesy: BCCI Twitter)(Image Courtesy: BCCI Twitter)

(Image Courtesy: BCCI Twitter)

New Delhi: Cricket Australia chief James Sutherland has hit back at allegations on Australian captain Steven Smith after the dressing room controversy, that happened on Day 4 of the second Test between India and Australia, calling India’s allegations ‘outrageous’.

“I find the allegations questioning the integrity of Steve Smith, the Australian team and the dressing room, outrageous,” Sutherland said as reported by Cricket Australia.

Speaking at an event in the Capital, former Australia skipper Steve Waugh played the incident down and said that one shouldn’t focus on one event. He also said that Smith should be believed and the current Australia skipper will learn from the episode.

“I don’t know to be honest. It was a fantastic match, shame we are focusing on one incident. Look, we have to believe what Smith said. Whatever the outcome, Smith will learn his lesson,” Waugh said.

Tempers flared after Australia skipper Steven Smith looked towards the dressing room to ask for a clue on whether or not he should review his leg-before decision.

Indian captain Virat Kohli expressed his anger in an animated fashion on the field and later on stopped just short of calling his counterpart a ‘cheat’, saying that this was going on for a while.

Steven Smith had apologised for his action in the post match press conference and called it a ‘brain fade’.

But Virat Kohli was in no mood to accept the explanation provided by the Australian captain. Smith’s dismissal triggered a collapse which helped India beat Australia by 75 runs in the second Test and level the four-match series.

Sutherland went on to add that Smith is a role model and youngsters look up at him.

“Steve is an outstanding cricketer and person, and role model to many aspiring cricketers and we have every faith that there was no ill-intent in his actions. We reject any commentary that suggests our integrity was brought into disrepute or that systemic unfair tactics are used, and stand by Steve and the Australian cricketers who are proudly representing our country,” he said.

Australia coach Darren Lehmann also said that talks of systematic breach of playing conditions were not true.

“Never, ever, ever,” was Lehmann’s unequivocal response.

“Very surprised to hear that, but it’s their opinion. He (Kohli) has his opinion and we have ours, but at the end of the day we play the game the right way. We’ve never done any of that, so we’ll just get on with the next game.”

While Smith acknowledged he had committed a mistake, teammate Peter Handscomb took to Twitter to admit that it was on his suggestion that his skipper looked at the dressing room.

His post read: “I referred smudga to look at the box… my fault and was unaware of the rule. Shouldn’t take anything away from what was an amazing game!”

Former Australia wicket-keeper Adam Gilchrist too felt that it wasn’t good on Smith’s part to look at the dressing room and he would surely be reprimanded. His post on Twitter read: “I never played in the review era, but I’d suspect that’s against the rules. Not a good thing. Sure he will be reprimanded and move on.”

With two Tests still to go, in Ranchi and Dharamsala, things are surely heating up between the two teams.