WOW! Now Airports, Hotels And Malls CANNOT Sell Mineral Water Bottles Above MRP

It has become a common practice for the outlets at airports, malls, etc. to sell packaged water above MRP but from now on, it is illegal. If you find any outlet at malls, multiplexes, airports, or restaurants selling packaged drinking water and cold drinks at a rate which is more than its maximum retail price (MRP), then you must warn them that they can be penalized or even sent to jail for this illegal act.


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On Tuesday, Ram Vilas Paswan, the Union Minister of Food and Consumer Affairs, took to Twitter to announce that such acts of selling water bottles above MRP will not only attract penalty but the accused can also be sent to jail, depending on the case.

Paswan said, “Mineral water bottle will be available at the same rate at airports, hotels and malls.”

Earlier, Paswan asked public to file a complaint if they find a multiplex selling water bottle above MRP. The shocking fact is that some multiplexes have started the practice of pasting their own MRP on the bottle to avoid any action by the government.


As per the section 36 of Legal Metrology Act, Rs. 25,000 is the fine that a person needs to pay if he/she is caught selling a product above MRP for the first time while Rs. 50,000 will be charged on being caught the second time. However, if a person is caught the third time, then a fine of Rs. 1 lakh or jail term of one year or both will be applicable.

The minister also made an appeal to the public to file complaints if they find someone following this illegal practice. He said, “Consumers need to be more aware and file complaints. If there is no complaint, how can we take action?”

It’s definitely a great move by the government and now it is up to us whether to use this law in our favor or let the things be as they are.

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