Scam Tainted Vyapam Goes For High-Tech Data-Security Makeover

Scam Tainted Vyapam Goes For High-Tech Data-Security MakeoverScam Tainted Vyapam Goes For High-Tech Data-Security Makeover

Vyapam Goes For High-Tech Data-Security Makeover.



Bhopal: Almost three years and half after reporting mega admission and recruitment scam-perhaps one of the biggest in India till date-Professional Examination Board known by its more infamous acronym Vyapam, has devised high-tech data security measures which suffices the security needs for a decade, claims its management.

The e-administration has been altered completely right from low rung staffers to the director.

Starting from the entry, no one is allowed to enter the office premises without registering thumb impression on the biometric machine and carrying an I-Card establishing identity of the entrant. The usage of biometric machines is also introduced in the exams conducted by Vyapam in three stages.

Examinees not even can use micro chips so that exam centres are fitted with jammers. A proper log is maintained for tracking the movements of all the officers and employees of the organisation entrusted with the responsibility of carrying out battery of entrance exams for professional courses and recruitment tests for various government departments of Madhya Pradesh.

Each and every step is kept in a log when the organisation e-system is logged in and logged out respectively. The data of the system used by the examinees during the online exams is also kept in record so that any crash or tampering before evaluation would be checked.

The system even enables Vyapam to change exam centre in case a fire breaks out in the centre. A bus carrying examinees to other centre could resume from where it was disrupted, an officer from the Vyapam said.

Vyapam is also keeping marksheets of the students in a digital locker and is also planning to upload their data kept with various boards so as to cross check students’ eligibility at same place.

Office and exams are being conducted in automation mode and the system is hacker proof, said Vyapam director Bhaskar Lakshkar. He added that the high-tech measures suits the safety requirements of the organisation for next ten years.

With the arrest of PMT scam mastermind Dr Jagdish Sagar, lid of the scam had blown away exposing massive admission and recruitment anomalies in the organisation and leading to the arrest of thousands of students, impersonators, middlemen, bureaucrats and politicians.

First Published: March 7, 2017, 1:50 PM IST