One More Attack On Indian Families! Guy Films Video & Accuses Them Of Taking Away Americans’ Jobs!

US has become a dangerous place for Indians. Since the day, Trump has become the President of America, things have turned out to be very bad for Indians. After shooting an Indian engineer and a Sikh Man, Indian families at a park in Ohio have been targeted.

A video of these families relaxing in the park was uploaded on an anti-immigration website, with the title ‘Welcome to Columbus Ohio Suburbs — Let’s Take a Walk to Indian Park’.

This video was uploaded by Steve Pushor (66), a computer engineer from Virginia. He talks about how furious he is to see people from foreign countries (India) occupy the space. He also says how wealthy Indian families have eaten up the jobs of Americans.

The video has been secretly filmed and in this, Steve says that Indian crowd has ravished the Midwest.

Pushor has recorded the video of Indians relaxing and taking a stroll in the park; he mainly accuses Indians of taking away the jobs of US professionals. Not only this; he also sarcastically described the park as ‘Mini Mumbai’. He says,

“What we’re trying to point out is people in Ohio, IT workers and other professional people have lost their jobs to foreign guest workers. That’s what our point is.”

Check out the video;

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We know that many Indians move to America for jobs, but it is purely due to their talent and not due to any wrong intention. The way Indians are accused of taking away jobs from Americans is so very wrong, don’t you feel so? Do share your views on the same in our comments section below.

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