A2B Battery Operated Doctor’s Kit with Light Sound Effects, Multi Color http://blog.konkanitube.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/1488873758_a2b-battery-operated-doctors-kit-with-light-sound-effects-multi-color.jpg

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INR 299.00

Enlighten your child as you get them this innovative A2B doctor set. If your kids are looking for something new and exciting, gift them this A2B doctor play set to keep them engrossed for long hours of time. They shall experience being a real life doctor with its varied instruments attached along with this set. The little ones shall pretend play and have long hours of fun filled play time. They shall eventually understand the significance of each of their instrument and develop their technical knowledge. This doctor play set help kids boost their sharpness and creativity. It can be used by any boy or girl over the age of 3 years. The doctor set contains 9 different pieces to enable the little ones use each of the instrument and understand their functions eventually. You can witness your little one get their friends and soft toys into their play, thereby developing their social skills. They will also learn to empathise with the people around. Gift your dear ones this A2B doctor play set and watch them celebrate with it.Doctor kit for kids with light effects
Use stethoscope to check, press to activate, light blink
Thermometer, press for light effect
Mirror, press for light effect.
Ideal gift for young boys and girls