Trump Effect Has Reached New Zealand Too! Watch How This Man Abused An Innocent Indian!

It seems that the Trump effect has gripped New Zealand as well. Yesterday, we reported about hate crimes against Indians in the US. Yes, there were 3 gunshot incidents, in which Indians were asked return to their country.

After all this, an incident of racism was reported in New Zealand too. Well, a resident of Auckland hurled abuses at an Indian National Narindervir Singh, for no reason.

In reality, the guy, who was along with a lady, took the wrong way while driving and when NV Singh (Indian) gave them space, the duo started abusing him. The lady showed him her middle finger and the guy started giving him bad words.

Not only this; when Narindervir told him that he is live on Facebook, he became all the more furious and asked Singh to leave the country right away! Once again a racist rant…

Narindervir streamed the video live on Facebook; you can see how that guy is threatening him and giving him bad words. He also passed very bad remarks against the Punjabi community.

Check out the video…

Singh was just following the instructions given to him by the police; he never knew by following these rules will pose a danger to his life. He was very shocked and never expected all this. Singh was worried that the guy might use some weapon, but luckily he got away.

This is the 2nd incident in last 10 days; one more guy named Bikramjit Mattran was punched in a storage facility and was asked to go back to the country; here’s the video…

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This is totally wrong! Police officials should take strict action against such people, who abuse and torture others without a reason. What’s your take on this? Do share your views in our comments section below.

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