This Women’s Day Special Video Of Akshay & Tapsee Is What Every Woman Must Watch

The whole world will be celebrating the International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, but can we keep our hands on our hearts and say that women are absolutely safe in this world?

Well, women may have become successful in almost every field but crimes against them are still on a rise, which is and should be a great concern for all of us.

There is no doubt that only mentally weak people indulge in physical attacks on women and when they don’t get a response, they become uncontrollable and start considering women as objects whom they can use as per their will.


Taking the same into consideration, the “Naam Shabana” actors Akshay Kumar and Tapsee Pannu have come together in a video to teach women how to use “Kohni Maar” (Elbow Hit) technique for teaching a lesson to the perverts who try to disrespect them. Yes, the Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood has shared a video in which Tapsee is showing how a woman should fight back if a man attacks her.

In the video, Tapsee instructs women that if someone eve teases or attacks them, they should react by shouting or hit the man with leg or elbow instead of remaining silent. And if no idea comes in their minds, they can just pick up a stone and hit the pervert but must react against him.

She adds that now women will not remain silent and bear the atrocities of men because there is nothing more valuable than women in this world and at the end, she calls Akshay and teaches how to use Kohni Maar technique to fight back. She has learnt this technique from Akshay only and if you also want to learn it, you need to watch the video.

Akshay has shared the video on Twitter with caption, “Don’t just freeze…ACT & REACT coz ur biggest weapon is with YOU! Watch, learn & show your move with #KohniMaar! Kya pata kab kaam aa jaye”

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Isn’t it an easy and amazing trick? Are you going to try it?

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