31 Year Old Said Strict NO To Marriage! How Her Parents Convinced Her Without Pressure Is Amazing! http://blog.konkanitube.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/1488802817_31-year-old-said-strict-no-to-marriage-how-her-parents-convinced-her-without-pressure-is-amazing.png

As soon as girls turn 25, parents start pressurizing for marriage. Yes, full day, the girl hears just 1 question from everybody and i.e. “When are you getting married?”

These days, girls are career oriented and their priorities are different; for them, work comes before marriage. Times have changed and now, even “30” is too early for many.

Pressure from parents is one of the most common reasons behind daily arguments at home. For parents, it’s a YES, while for girls, it’s a strict NO.

However, parents should learn something from this video by The Short Cuts; the team has come up with a wonderful video and it will definitely change the meaning of arranged marriage. In this, parents of the girl (31) come up with the most unique proposal for marriage. They are very well aware that their daughter is not ready for marriage even at 31; how they convince her without any sort of pressure is a must watch.

Watch the video below…

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This was a women’s day special video and has taught everyone a great lesson, isn’t it? What’s your take on this? Do share in our comments section below.


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