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File image of BCCI's Anti-Corruption Consultant Neeraj Kumar(R). (AFP Images)File image of BCCI's Anti-Corruption Consultant Neeraj Kumar(R). (AFP Images)

File image of BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Consultant Neeraj Kumar(R). (AFP Images)

New Delhi: BCCI’s anti-corruption consultant Neeraj Kumar believes that corruption in the game still exists, especially in the lower level leagues and state-run T20 cricket tournament across the world. However, when it comes to the Indian national team, the retired IPL officer believes that match-fixing is non-existent.

The former Delhi police commissioner singled out the Karnataka Premier League, as according to him, ‘there is a lot of hanky panky going on on there’.

“Now having joined the BCCI, I see so much of it happening. Fortunately, I can say with some amount of authority and conviction that our national team at this point of time is above board. But in the second rung and third rung, the B tiers and C tiers, the premier leagues, including the Karnataka Premier League a lot of hanky panky goes on,” Neeraj was quoted as saying by The Indian Express.

Neeraj Kumar oversaw the high-profile investigations of two of the biggest corruption scandals in the Indian cricket history — the match-fixing saga of 2000 and IPL spot-fixing case of 2013.

“There is corruption even now. There is more corruption in some parts of the world – Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and in tier B and C cities in local tournaments. In the 2015 IPL, there was some “hanky panky” but it was stopped and a whole racket was busted after players reported that they were approached by bookies,” he said.

The head of BCCI’s ACU also revealed that they stumbled upon some evidence of match-fixing in the game when they were keeping a check upon other activities that were linked to the underworld.