WTF! Man Circulated Adult Clip Of The Girl On Web After She Rejected His Marriage Proposal

The world is getting filthier and more chaotic with every passing day and we stumble upon a number of incidents on a regular basis, which compel us to think about the existence of humanity on this Earth. One such incident took place with Ankita (name changed), a 21-yr girl who was being stalked by Dharmendra Gupta since 2013, as per Mail Today (Online).

The owner of a computer repair shop, he was constantly annoying her for marriage. Here’s what the girl shared with Mail Today,

“He had contacted my mother, sisters, cousins, friends and other relatives. Also, he used to follow me everywhere. After being stalked for so long, I approached police in late 2015 and gave a complaint.”


Dharmendra created two fake FB profiles of the lady and when she got to know about it, she informed the local cyber cell. Taking action on her complaint, cops detained the man in the month of Jan for criminal intimidation, outraging modesty and stalking.

Ankita was advised to “stay away from the police and courts” by cops; nevertheless, she filed an FIR with the help of an activist of Delhi. But this was not the end of her problems and the man got free on bail in just a day.

He didn’t stop there and made Ankita’s morphed adult video and forwarded it to the girl’s friends as well as family on Facebook.


For this purpose, he hired a look-alike of her who, like Ankita, had a tattoo on breast; however, she had it on the body’s different side. Additionally, Gupta circulated the contact no. of the woman too.

It was getting difficult for Ankita to tolerate it all; she got in touch with the cyber cell and showed them his messages’ screenshots but all in vain. Here’s what she said,

“The cyber cell is not taking the case seriously and is asking me to wait for a couple of weeks to deactivate the account or track the user’s identity. If I wait that long, it will harm me and my family.”

The man had a different story to tell on the matter. According to him,

“I believe Ankita is anti-social and is friends with many men, wears short clothes and doesn’t deserve to live in this society.”

As reported, the man firstly refused to accept that he had been stalking Ankita but later he confessed. What’s more, he filed a “cross-complaint” against the woman and said, “The FIR has not been registered as yet that mentions Ankita has filed a forged complaint to extract money from me.” In addition, Gupta alleged that she compelled him for changing religion and committing suicide.

She is even now being stalked by the man who is sending messages to her kith and kin. Furthermore, he is aware of her new workplace too!

We hope that the issue gets sorted out as soon as possible and the guilty is punished. It’s high time that an appropriate action is taken so that the girl can be free from the mental agony she is going through.

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