Twitter Is Going Crazy Over Viral Pic Of A Man Working On Laptop In Footpath! #FunnyMemeWar

Social media definitely holds a great importance at the present time and anything on web easily catches the attention and interest of all. What’s more, people get more attracted towards unusual things like this photo of a man working on a laptop in the middle of a footpath in Noida.

Take a look:

Well, needless to say, this is definitely bizarre, as we seldom find people working like this. Agree?

The photo was posted on Twitter by a user @abcdefu with caption, “employee of the year”:

Soon, netizens found their hot topic to get the dose of fun and a hilarious battle began! Here are some of the selected tweets:

Meet the celebrity of social media:

A jibe at Salman Khan:

Here again:

Poor guy:

Social media maniac:

The temptation of free Wi-Fi:

Oh! These clients….

But the sad part is:

So this is the platform..

A caring boyfriend:

That special moment..


Hilarious, aren’t they? What do you have to say about this pic? Share your comments with us!

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