This Is The Spirit Of Mumbaikars! Helped A Muslim Woman Deliver A Baby Girl Inside The Local Train!

Time and again, the spirit of Mumbaikars has been appreciated. They are very kind and are ready to stay united whenever any issue arises. Instead of running away or avoiding, Mumbaikars prefer coming together and facing the problem with confidence and patience.

Something similar happened even yesterday night around 10.15 pm; a 22 year old pregnant woman Sultana Sheikh, who took a local train (Ambivali to CST) to go to Nair Hospital because she started experiencing pain in her abdomen, got all the necessary help from the public of Mumbai.

Suddenly, at Dadar Station, the woman went into labor; her husband and mother-in-law accompanied her but after seeing Sultana’s condition, they were completely clueless as to what has to be done. This is when Mumbaikars gathered and helped her sail through this situation smoothly.

Owing to emergency, the commuters pulled the chain and the train halted at Dadar Station for around 30 minutes. Doctors came there immediately for assistance and with the help of women commuters, a cute baby girl was delivered.

Sultana’s husband, Mohammad Irshad stated,

“My wife was due on March 5 but went into labour on Wednesday afternoon. When we reached Thane, the pain started getting worse and by the time we had reached Dadar, it was unbearable. I asked some women commuters for help and an on-duty police officer pulled the chain to stop the train. With the help of doctors posted at Dadar station, my wife delivered a healthy baby girl. The train was stopped for around 30 minutes. Later, an RPF official took us to Sion hospital. Both my wife and daughter are doing fine.”

No one grumbled or got irritated; everyone tried to help Sultana patiently. Situation became so chaotic that Mohammad completely forgot about his mom. When he came searching for her, he found her sitting at the platform.

So this is how people of Mumbai are; caring, helpful and supportive! This is indeed a heartwarming incident, isn’t it? Have you experienced something like this before? Do share with us in our comments section below.

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